Analytics With Apache Spark.

Apache Spark has emerged as arguably the most compelling technology in Big Data. Tiny startups like Netflix, Yahoo, and OpenTable are using Spark, and cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are competing to offer the best Spark support. With data analytics expanding into virtually every industry to solve very interesting problems, mastering Apache Spark will guarantee you will always be in demand. Take the first step toward reaching that goal now.

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Agile Software Project Management with Scrum.

Learn from a Scrum expert with years of experience in software development. Move beyond agile platitudes and use Scrum to solve the real-life problems that happen on projects so you can deliver high-quality software to customers on time and under budget. For more information, contact us. Description Everyone knows the waterfall approach almost never produces high-quality software on time and on budget. The problem is so many are eager to call themselves “agile” or to sell “agile” that no one really knows what it means anymore.

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Software Engineering in Java.

Java is quite simply the most popular programming language in the world. With all the legacy Java applications that need to be maintained and the new ones created every day in so many different domains, mastery of Java will guarantee you will always be in demand. Take the first step to achieving that goal now. For more information, contact us. Description According to Oracle, 3 billion devices run Java. Google chose Java for Android, and the Hadoop Big Data ecosystem is built on Java as well.

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