Welcoming Neustar

Vidya is proud to be working with Neustar, a leading telecommunications and cloud platform company. You may not realize it, but every phone call, fax, and computer connection in North America depends on Neustar. Why? In 1998, Neustar saved the 10-digit telephone number system from becoming a 14-digit system with a solution mandated by the FCC, so every telephone company in North America has a physical interface into Neustar’s directory system.

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Testing-1-2-3: My First Post on GCN

In the wake of the project management and technology debacle that is, I just published my first post on Government Computing News, the leading online publication in federal IT. The topic? Testing is much more nuanced than has been suggested by recent commentary. Developers, testers, and domain experts can work together to leverage a combination of open-source tools, automation and discipline in order to build quality into their applications from the start.

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Don't Go Chasing Waterfall

As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about technology and software project management (and the possibility of a Ghostbusters sequel but that’s beside the point), I have been really frustrated by the poor quality of reporting by the media on the failures of The flawed coverage has shifted from the enormous functionality and scalability problems to the blame game–contractors, government officials, the federal contracting process, waterfall software development, and now apparently, agile software development as well.

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