Idiom Savant

Idioms are a big deal in any language. They represent deep knowledge beyond syntax and grammar, a feel for getting the most out of the language. For example, when non-English speakers become fluent in English, they usually speak in a “textbook” way. One might see a celebrity receive a light punishment for a major crime and say, “That individual most assuredly did not receive a punishment commensurate with the gravity of the crime.

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Testing-1-2-3: My First Post on GCN

In the wake of the project management and technology debacle that is, I just published my first post on Government Computing News, the leading online publication in federal IT. The topic? Testing is much more nuanced than has been suggested by recent commentary. Developers, testers, and domain experts can work together to leverage a combination of open-source tools, automation and discipline in order to build quality into their applications from the start.

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