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How to Buy Cyber—Getting Started

By Neil Chaudhuri on October 30, 2018

I had the opportunity to join a panel discussion hosted by Frank McNally, Director of Learning and Content Development at Public Spend Forum, where we discussed cybersecurity procurement in the federal government. Rounding out the panel was Spence Witten, VP of security solutions provider LunarLine, who has a wealth of experience with federal procurement in the security space. Check out why procurement officials need to take initiative when buying cybersecurity solutions (and how they can do it both pre-award and post-award) and how security can be built into the software engineering process.

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Lessons from Java for Testing in React

By Neil Chaudhuri on October 21, 2018

Have you found that your code has a lot of bugs even though you’ve invested in maintaining 90% code coverage? Have you also found that your tests break so often that you don’t want to write any more? I have. With multiple clients. Part of the problem is code coverage is a misleading indicator of quality. Even worse, you are writing tests that don’t test anything except the implementation details of your code.

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The Business Case for Functional Programming

By Neil Chaudhuri on September 18, 2018

Functional programming isn’t exactly a fun topic anywhere outside of technical conferences and The Big Bang Theory. Even software engineers who love code often tune out when they hear terms like monad and referential transparency. But if you are a technical manager or executive, heads up. Functional programming will limit your technical debt so you build better software faster than you imagined and will earn you the Tesla you always wanted.

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Welcoming Nina Day

By Neil Chaudhuri on August 10, 2018

Vidya is proud to be working with Nina Day, a casting and creative agency based in New York City serving a wide array of clients worldwide. Nina Day finds the best talent–models, actors, musicians, and many others–for ads for Fortune 500 companies, TV and movies, and special campaigns like the United Nations He for She campaign promoting gender equality worldwide. As you might imagine, a world class casting company needs a talent database, and we have built one for Nina Day.

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