Vidya is a software services and consulting company based in Washington, DC, USA

We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise by the Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council and a certified Asian and minority-owned small business by the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce.

About Vidya

Our Mission

At Vidya, our mission is to make technology as fun and accessible as possible. The passion we have for technology doesn’t shut off at 5 PM, and we want to show you how easy it really is to do great things.

Maybe you are a large company looking to deploy secure, modernized, cloud native services via an automated DevSecOps pipeline to cut costs and improve time to market while improving value to your customers.

Maybe you are a small company or nonprofit where everyone has to wear a lot of hats, and someone has asked you to transition your manual spreadsheet analysis into something automated or to retool your website when you’ve never done anything more complicated on the web than tagging people on Facebook.

Maybe you want a passionate ally in promoting diversity and equal, positive treatment in the information technology space.

No matter what you need, we want to be of service to you.

Our Services

  • Consulting with your team on architecture or development on large software projects, agile mentoring, or technical communications
  • Custom application development for your organization
  • Training courses focused on the practical lessons that make you more productive and marketable in the real world
  • Blog posts and video tutorials on software development and the ways technology impacts the world

We are a passionate advocate for diversity in technology. Prejudice against anyone on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, orientation, ability, or even academic background not only limits our individual growth but also limits the creative energy necessary to develop the best software.

Neil Chaudhuri, President of Vidya
Neil Chaudhuri
President, Vidya

Vidya was a strategic partner and collaborator during the proposal phase and a sought-after facilitator during program delivery. They explained the most complicated aspects of agile development, software engineering, and DevOps with clarity and humor that enabled our non-technical program participants (and me!) to gain the understanding they needed to more effectively engage with digital service practitioners. I highly recommend them.

Lauren Tindall
Learning Experience Strategy Lead, Capital One

If you are looking to accelerate your transition to a modernized, serverless architecture, you cannot find a better partner than Vidya. Their team really understands what the current technology climate is so as to bring us the best of breed solutions.

Michael Zeitlin, Principal, Sikor Software Inc.
Michael Zeitlin
Principal, Sikor Software Inc.

Our name

Vidya comes from the Sanskrit for “right knowledge” or “clarity.” We want to embody the learning spirit that is the essence of the word. In software engineering, you learn every day–not only about all the technologies out there and the new ones emerging every day but also about people and what they want to accomplish. We want to work with you to build knowledge and learn from each other.

The Vidya swan

Vidya is associated with the Hindu deity Saraswati because she is the Goddess of Learning. In ancient Indian art and literature, she is often depicted wearing a spotless white sari and riding a white swan.

We just hope you like the swan more than Billy Madison.

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