Architecture and Development

The simplest architectures are the most maintainable and the most secure. Still, it takes experience and skill and patience to start simple and to recognize the inflection points where the benefits of more complexity outweigh the costs. Vidya can help you discover the emergent architecture best suited to meet your challenges.

In an industry rife with buzzwords and with vendors eager to sow confusion about them in order to sell you solutions you don't need, trust Vidya to help you understand for yourself patterns and technologies like microservices, state machines, event-driven architectures, serverless, event sourcing, CQRS, or Zero Trust but far more importantly if and when they can generate value for your organization. We have guided commercial businesses and government agencies to help them realize the architectures they need to deliver value to their users, and we can do the same for you.

Software development is similar--also an art form that balances simplicity with abstractions when the complexity is worth it. But here is where the principles of the architecture become the reality that thrills your customers and generates revenue for your business. Vidya can not only help you find the blend of programming languages, frameworks, and tools best suited for the needs of your customers but also help you apply them the right way with best-in-class practices like modeling your domain with object-oriented programming, composing behavior with functional programming, streamlining your user interfaces with design systems and component libraries, creating reproducible machine learning pipelines, automating your builds with DevSecOps, building reliability with immutability and static typing, and standardizing resilient deployments across clouds with containerization and orchestration.

It's a lot. We can help.

Technology Communications

Vidya President Neil Chaudhuri speaking on Trends in Software Engineering
Vidya President Neil Chaudhuri speaking on Trends in Software Engineering

Technology is meaningless without the ability to express its power through engaging verbal and written communication. Whether explaining the value and risk of a particular technology to customers or writing concise but thorough prose in a proposal, we can communicate our technical expertise effectively to reach the goals of your organization.

We welcome you to look at examples of our communications, some of which target a wide audience while others target people who get excited by phrases like "dependency injection":

Please let us know if you would like us to help you craft RFPs, proposals, or marketing for your organization or to give a talk on any architecture or development topics.

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