Swift | Deep Learning | Architecture | Ruby | Android | Java Talking Trends at Tech Talk DC October 11, 2017
Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)

Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)

LinkedIn Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)

I will be speaking at Tech Talk DC on October 25th in Arlington, Virginia, on Here’s What’s Trending In Software Engineering. Whether you build software, manage projects, or run enterprises, you’ll discover techniques and technologies that will give you an edge in the years to come.

If you saw me speak on this topic at Code Writers Workshop in the summer, rest assured this talk will be different. First, I have added some wrinkles to the original list you will likely find compelling. Second, since I will have more time, I want to promote discussion. I look forward to hearing from you on why I may have exaggerated a trend and learning about trends you’ve identified that I missed.

This will be a fun event with free food, so if you are in the Washington, DC, area, I hope to see you there! Sign up here.