Agile | Jenkins | Architecture | DevOps | Scrum | Scala Welcoming Neustar May 10, 2014
Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)

Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)

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Vidya is proud to be working with Neustar, a leading telecommunications and cloud platform company. You may not realize it, but every phone call, fax, and computer connection in North America depends on Neustar. Why? In 1998, Neustar saved the 10-digit telephone number system from becoming a 14-digit system with a solution mandated by the FCC, so every telephone company in North America has a physical interface into Neustar’s directory system.

We have joined a team of senior engineers in the NexGen group, which was established to expand Neustar’s cloud offerings with a variety of technologies and platforms. Currently, we are on a Scrum project using Java and Groovy to build a REST billing API with Dropwizard. Mix in some AWS and NoSQL with project automation with Gradle and continuous integration with Jenkins, and you have a fun, challenging project. We expect to leverage Scala and other cool technologies to add value to this project and others down the road.

We are lucky to be working with Neustar so we can learn from such a talented team and contribute our own expertise to such interesting, challenging work.