Architecture and Development

The simplest architectures are the most maintainable and the most secure. It takes experience and skill and patience to start simple and to recognize inflection points where the benefits of more complexity outweigh the costs. Vidya can help you discover the emergent architecture best suited to meet your challenges.

Here are a few examples of the architecture services we provide:

  • Definition of Architectural Design Records (ADRs)
  • Automation to shift feedback left
  • Cloud Native deployments
  • Data and machine learning strategy
  • Zero Trust cybersecurity
  • UX design and accessibility and component library development
  • DevSecOps

Software development is similar. It's also an art form, but it is where the principles of the architecture become the operational reality that thrills your customers and generates revenue for your business. Vidya can not only help you find the blend of programming languages, frameworks, and tools best suited for the needs of your customers but also help you apply them the right way with best-in-class practices like modeling your domain with object-oriented programming, composing behavior with functional programming, building accessible user interfaces to promote your brand, creating ML pipelines, automating your builds with DevSecOps, and standardizing resilient deployments across clouds.

It's a lot. We can help.

Collaborating software engineers

Technology Culture

Vidya President Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him) speaking on Trends in Software Engineering
Vidya President Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him) speaking on Trends in Software Engineering

A lesson we have learned many times, sometimes painfully, is that even the most far-reaching and well meaning technological transformation has no chance for success without a strong organizational culture that promotes the right values. As we emphasize in our agile course, a positive culture breeds comfort with experimenting with new technologies and encourages the sharing of ideas and the collaboration necessary to implement them effectively. With technologies and really the entire world changing constantly, a strong culture can be the reliable, sound foundation for your organization. Of course, organizational psychologists have been researching what it takes to do that for decades. It isn't easy, but at least in technology-related areas, we can help.

Technology Communication

Technology is meaningless without the ability to express its power through engaging verbal and written communication. Whether explaining the value and risk of a particular technology to customers or writing concise but thorough prose in a proposal, we can communicate our technical expertise effectively to reach the goals of your organization.

We welcome you to look at examples of our communications, some of which target a wide audience while others target people who get excited by phrases like "dependency injection":

Please let us know if you would like us to help you craft RFPs, proposals, or marketing for your organization or to give a talk on any architecture or development topics.

Technology Review

Clients come to Vidya when they are concerned about the direction of their technology strategy. Sometimes it's a particular software application that lacks documentation, is difficult to change without worrying the whole thing will blow up, or has proven unreliable to the point of losing data. Sometimes it takes forever to deploy to production. Or maybe you are having trouble creating Flow State, so your development team is unable to reach their potential.

At Vidya, we have worked with a wide array of clients, so we have seen what works. We also keep abreast of the latest research in organization psychology, particularly as it relates to delivering digital services. Trust us to help you slow things down so you can in fact go much further.

Technology Contracting and Recruiting

It may not be obvious, but two areas of your organization critical to the success of technology initiatives are contracting and recruiting. Too often contracts motivate the wrong goals and therefore yield the wrong results. Meanwhile, it's hard to know where to look for talent, and technology interviews have been broken for a long time. Both of these things wreak havoc on your technology culture.

After the debacle with the initial rollout of, we worked with the Executive Office of the President to help the government identify ways to improve the procurement process to produce better technology outcomes, and many of the same ideas apply outside government. We have also supported recruiting activities extensively to provide candidates that are the best match for your technology challenges and your organizational culture. They will be just as happy to work in your organization as you are you to have them.

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