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Data Engineering with Spark

Master data engineering with Apache Spark through Vidya LLC's hands-on training course. Learn to build scalable, fault-tolerant data pipelines, process big data, and leverage Spark's powerful features for real-world data engineering challenges.


Apache Spark is great for organizations who want their analytics developed fast and executed fast, but large-scale distributed computing is hard. It’s not like you can set a breakpoint on code running on multiple machines when things go wrong. Monitoring your analytics jobs and optimizing accordingly are important. You also have to rethink the way you approach concepts like architecture, security, and software engineering techniques like testing and DevSecOps.

Data Engineering with Spark teaches you how to leverage just enough Scala to integrate powerful data pipelines into your existing architecture. You will also learn how your pipelines can benefit from the same testing, continuous integration, containerization, and security as other components of your enterprise.

What makes this course different

Spark is a huge topic, and the typical Spark course tries to cover too much in too short a period, which leaves you overwhelmed, and ignores any discussion of architectural patterns and software engineering--the things that separate experiments in your garage from critical pieces of your production architecture.

We take a more practical approach. Our rich code examples provide deep insight into the API as you’d expect, but the exercises utilize real datasets from and encourage you to collaborate with your peers, the Spark Scaladoc, Generative AI, and other sources just as you would at work. We also advise you on where you should draw the line between configuring Spark yourself and outsourcing configuration to a provider so you can focus on what you care about.

In addition, agile software development and DevSecOps have taught us to incorporate quality through build automation, testing, and continuous delivery. We don’t have to abandon them just because we are working in a distributed environment. In fact, the complexity of distributed systems makes them even more valuable. Data Engineering with Spark shows you how to apply these techniques to improve the quality and reliability of your analytics.

Collaborating software engineers

Course Syllabus

Session 1: Mastering the Spark API

  • MapReduce: The Phantom Menace
  • Advantages of Spark
  • Just Enough Scala
  • Using the Spark Shell
  • Writing You Own Spark Jobs
  • The Spark Ecosystem

Session 2: Professional Spark

  • Just Enough Hadoop
  • Testing Your Spark Jobs
  • Optimizing Spark and When to Stop Trying
  • Spark on Docker
  • Deploying Spark to Kubernetes
  • Spark Security
  • Visualizing Your Spark Jobs

I have built several Scala and Spark applications currently in production and I worked with the original Spark team, AMPLab at UC Berkeley, on a research project for DARPA known as XDATA. Somehow I have helped enough developers around the world to earn Spark and Scala badges on Stack Overflow. I am passionate about Spark and look forward to helping you harness its power.

Course instructor Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)
Neil Chaudhuri (He/Him)
Course instructor

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